Adelaide Hills man forced woman to have sex with multiple men and secretly filmed it, court hears


August 16, 2019 16:19:36

The Adelaide Magistrates Court has heard allegations an Adelaide Hills man forced a woman to have sex with other men, secretly filmed the acts then threatened to disseminate the footage if she did not do what he told her.

Key points:

  • Police allegedly uncovered hundreds of illegal weapons at the man’s property
  • The haul allegedly included an assault rifle similar to the one used in a mass shooting
  • Prosecutors also allege he forced a woman to have sex with other men and filmed it

The man, aged in his 50s, was arrested earlier this month after police allegedly uncovered more than 200 illegal weapons at his rural Adelaide Hills property.

The court heard the woman went to police and they subsequently discovered the illegal weapons stockpile when they went to the man’s house to investigate the allegations.

It is alleged the weapons haul included an assault rifle that police said was very similar to the one used in a mass shooting in Texas earlier this month.

He was charged with unlawful firearms possession as well as engaging in indecent filming and threatening to distribute an invasive image.

The man has applied for release on bail, but police prosecutor Sergeant Trent Matijevic opposed bail in all forms.

He argued the investigation was ongoing and the man’s alleged offending was too serious to warrant his release.

He said the man had allegedly forced a woman to have sexual intercourse with multiple men.

“Unbeknown to her, he’s been filming these acts and threatened to disseminate the video if she doesn’t essentially do as she’s told,” he said.

The court heard that during an extensive search of the property police found more than 200 firearms hidden in a roof cavity at the property, as well as explosives and ammunition.

It is also alleged the man kept a pistol in his bedside table.

Concerns accused may ‘intimidate witnesses’

Sergeant Matijevic said police had suspicions the man had been manufacturing firearms.

“Police are concerned that if he’s granted bail he may interfere with the investigation or intimidate witnesses,” he said.

The court heard further charges may be laid in the future.

The man’s lawyer, Craig Caldicott, told the court his client wanted to return to his rural property to look after his animals and prepare the property for sale.

He said his client could not pay the mortgage while in custody.

However, the prosecutor said neighbours had stepped in to look after the animals at the property.

Magistrate John Fahey agreed the charges and allegations were serious and said the only form of bail he would consider was home detention.

He ordered a report and adjourned the bail application for a week.









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