Body discovered inside burnt-out Townsville apartment


February 17, 2020 09:27:00

A body has been discovered inside a unit ravaged by fire in Townsville, north Queensland.

Key points:

  • A neighbour says a man has lived in the unit for decades
  • Authorities were called to the fire just before midnight
  • Police are waiting for the site to be declared safe to enter

Emergency services were called to a blaze in the suburb of Cranbrook shortly before midnight.

Police are yet to retrieve the body and fire crews are investigating the cause of the blaze.

Two other units within the complex were damaged from the fire though no other residents were injured.

The single-storey building is cordoned off by police tape and still smouldering.

Police said they had to guarantee the unit was safe before retrieving the body inside.

A forensic examination will be undertaken to formally identify the victim.

Neighbour Kay Newman told the ABC a man had been living in the burnt-out unit for decades.

Ms Newman said she heard banging and smelled smoke shortly before she realised a fire had broken out.

She said her elderly mother, who lives next door to the building, was evacuated in the middle of the night.







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