Buildings on fire from out of control grassfires west of Ballarat


March 29, 2019 16:42:55

A number of buildings are on fire in central Victoria, with several out of control grassfires burning west of Ballarat.

One fire is threatening homes at Bunkers Hill, Cardigan, Haddon, Kopke, Lucas and Smythes Creek.

Aerial vision of the fire showed at least four buildings, mainly sheds and outbuildings, and a number of cars on fire.

Helicopter footage showed a chimney in the centre of smouldering ruins of one building but it was not clear if it was a home or some other type of structure.

Hay bales could also be seen in flames and firefighting helicopters are filling up at local dams and waterbombing the area.

It was understood here had been lightning in the area accompanying a cool change but it is not clear if that was the cause of the fires, which all broke out around the same time.

An emergency warning was issued in the area around 2:45pm with officials warning it could impact on homes between Finches Road and Bells Road.

The fire is travelling in a south-easterly direction towards the Glenelg Highway.

Emergency officials said the safest option was to take shelter indoors because it was too late to leave.

CFA state agency commander Ross Sullivan said the cigar-shaped fire was being pushed by northerly winds.

A wind change was expected in the area soon which may change the direction of the fire.

Another emergency warning was issued around 4:00pm for properties between Meredith, Mount Mercy and Bamgamie for another out of control grassfire and people in the area have been warned it is too late to leave.

The helicopter footage also showed a large shed on fire at Mount Mercer.

A third grassfire which had been threatening homes north-west of Ballarat at Addington and Learmonth has now been downgraded to an advice message.

An emergency warning had been issued around 2:50pm for the fire at Shearers Lane Addington which is travelling in a south-easterly direction.










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