Bushfire alert in Tasmania’s Central Highlands as winds pick up


October 25, 2019 09:12:03

A bushfire burning at Tods Corner near Miena in Tasmania’s Central Highlands has been upgraded to a watch and act alert, with strong winds causing concern.

Five fire trucks and three aircraft are helping to battle the blaze which started on Wednesday afternoon.

The Tasmanian Fire Service says the fire may put Poatina Road, Flintstone, Barren Tier and Miena at high risk.

Central Highlands Mayor Loueen Triffitt said there are high winds in the area.

“The fire’s heading to the Poatina Road, therefore, there is smoke on the Poatina Road,” she said.

“It is not close to, but is heading towards, Arthurs Lake and Flintstones, probably 5 kilometres from Arthurs.

“Helicopters and ground crew have worked tirelessly trying to keep control of these fires but obviously the high winds are of some concern now.”

The Mayor said there were few people in the immediate area under threat and called on people to avoid the area.

“Stay away form the area, and for the community there is no immediate threat but to be aware it is heading towards Poatina,” she said.

The Great Lake Hotel is still open and would serve as an evacuation area if needed.

Council crews are also on standby.

A fire is also burning at Notley Hills near Bridgenorth in Tasmania’s north.

Four fire crews are fighting the blaze at Mitchelsons Road which is at advice level.

The TFS said there was no immediate threat.




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