Cairo Man Shares Video From Packed Metro

'Curfew? We're Going to Die': Cairo Man Shares Video From Packed Metro

A commuter in Cairo posted video of a jam-packed metro carriage on March 25, a short while before a nightly curfew was due to come into effect. In the video, the source can be heard saying: “What curfew are you talking about? We’re going to die here.” Egypt’s 7 pm-6 am curfew is due to run for two weeks. Breaking it carries penalties of fines up to 4,000 Egyptian pounds ($255) or prison, officials said. The World Health Organization said on March 25 that 442 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Egypt. A group of Canadian researchers has estimated a much higher figure, at already over 19,000 by March 15. Credit: Nas Ro via Storyful

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