Convicted rapist David Gundari arrested in NT after one week on the run


October 09, 2019 13:31:51

A convicted violent rapist who was found to be at risk of reoffending was on the run for a week before being arrested in the Northern Territory, with no public notifications or warnings issued by NT Police.

Key points:

  • Convicted rapist David Gundari was subject to a Post Sentence Supervision Order
  • Mr Gundari breached the order when he failed to appear in court last week
  • He was arrested in Katherine overnight

David Gundari, 45, bashed and raped two tourists in Broome in separate attacks in 2006, and still had arrest warrants in his name in the Northern Territory when he was released from jail in WA last year.

Mr Gundari was released after serving the entirety of his 12-year sentence, despite the WA Prisoners Review Board finding he had unmet treatment needs and still posed a medium to high risk of reoffending.

When assessing Mr Gundari, the board found he lacked insight and would often normalise violent behaviour.

He was due to face the Wyndham Magistrates Court last Thursday, accused of breaching his Post Sentence Supervision Order (PSSO), but failed to appear and an arrest warrant was issued.

The orders are designed to protect the community following the release of prisoners who have committed serious violent offences.

Mr Gundari is originally from the NT and was arrested in Katherine overnight.

Katherine Police Station Senior Sergeant Bradley Fox said Mr Gundari was arrested in relation to additional weapons offences committed in Katherine in late September 2019.

“Katherine police are also contacting WA detectives in relation to Gundari failing to appear at a WA court last week.”

He pleaded guilty to the two 2006 attacks in which he grabbed the women on secluded streets before violently and sexually assaulting them.

One of the victims suffered a fractured jaw, eye socket and cheekbone after being knocked unconscious and required surgery.

The other had several teeth knocked out and received lacerations to the top of her head.

He is expected to appear before a judge via video link today.









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