Dad fights off dingoes that took toddler from camper trailer on Fraser Island off Queensland coast


April 19, 2019 13:12:38

Two dingoes have dragged a sleeping toddler from a camper trailer on Fraser Island off Queensland’s coast.

Key points:

  • The boy was dragged metres from the camper trailer
  • He was bitten on the neck and head and has been flown to hospital in a stable condition
  • The boy’s father spotted several other dingoes while fighting off one that still had hold of his son

The boy suffered a fractured skull, two deep lacerations to the back of his neck and head, and several minor lacerations to the back of the scalp.

The 14-month-old’s parents were woken by his cries about midnight and when his father ran to look for him, he found the boy had been taken metres away from the trailer.

Paramedic Ben Du Toit got the call for help, despite the family’s poor phone reception.

“According to the family, he was dragged from the campervan, several metres away,” he said.

“The parents awoke with the toddler crying and heard the crying getting further away from the campervan.

“The dad got out to investigate and found the dingo dragging the toddler away.

“He also spotted several other dingoes near the vicinity.”

Mr Du Toit said the dad fought off the animals and succeeded in getting his son away.

“He immediately ran up and dragged his son and chased some of the dingoes off.”

Dingoes believed to have slipped under canvas

Mr Du Toit met the family at the nearby Eurong resort, where there was better phone reception, and the chopper arrived about 12:30am.

The child was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital in a stable condition but was transferred about 8:00am to Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Lifeflight pilot Frank Bertoli said if it was not for his parents and their quick thinking, the toddler would have had more serious injuries.

“I think he [a dingo] made his way under the canvas to get into the camper trailer,” he said.

“It’s pretty horrific to hear something like that come over the phone and we just wanted to get there to be able to help.

“They said that the main dingo was surrounded by others.”

The Environment Department believed two dingoes entered the camper trailer, with rangers currently attempting to identify them.

Patrols have been increased and rangers will be visiting campers to remind them of the dangers.

They recommend staying within arm’s length of children, walking in groups, locking up food away from tents.

Furthermore, when faced with a dingo, they said not to run, which triggers a negative reaction.

Not the first dingo attack on Fraser Island

The incident comes after a six-year-old boy was bitten multiple times at Eurong in January.

And a nine-year-old boy and his mother were attacked in February.

Authorities said at the time the pair had just got out of a vehicle when they came across a pack of dingoes.

They panicked and ran back towards the vehicle and it was at that time the pack chased them and attacked.







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