Gunman shot dead after opening fire at St Marys and Penrith police stations


October 03, 2019 06:05:50

Police have shot dead a gunman after he opened fire on two police stations and a home in western Sydney last night.

A male constable was taken to Westmead Hospital after he received “pellet wounds to this head” in the incident which began at a home in Marayong at 8.45pm and ended in Penrith, about 22km further west, less than an hour later.

Footage taken from a dance studio opposite Penrith Police Station shows officers firing several shots into a man armed with a shotgun.

“I’m not joking, look I’m telling you this is happening, in front of my own eyes,” a woman can be heard screaming in the clip.

The man is seen aiming a shotgun at officers, before they open fire.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” the distressed woman screams before the video ends.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy said the incident began when the man, armed with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, began firing at a home at Marayong.

The man, dressed in a dark t-shirt and trousers, drove to St Marys Police Station, where he fired several shots into the building at 9:15pm. 

At around 9:35pm, he parked near Penrith Police Station and began walking down High Street, before approaching officers and firing several shots.

Police officers then shot the gunman dead.

“The criminality here is extreme,” Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy said.

“It’s a very unusual event, it’s something that does really concern us.

“The police are trained everyday and they know they’re know in a dangerous and challenging role, but this is really extreme.”

St Marys Police Station and Penrith Police Station remain crime scenes and will be closed until further notice.











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