Gunman shot dead after police operation at Penrith

A gunman has reportedly been shot dead outside a police station in western Sydney.

At 10:30pm, New South Wales police warned an operation was underway near the Penrith and St Marys police stations, which are about seven kilometres apart, and urged people to avoid the area until further notice.

A man could be seen pointing a shotgun at police and opening fire, injuring a police officer, before being shot dead, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Footage posted online and broadcast in part by the Seven Network showed a man in a black T-shirt with a gun being shot multiple times.

Witnesses from a nearby hotel, which was in lockdown, told the Seven Network they saw a volley of gunfire involving around 25 shots.

The witnesses said they saw police drag a dead man into the station and a second person fled, sparking a manhunt.

A police spokesperson said riot squad officers had been deployed in the area.

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