Hilltop Hoods slam online reseller Viagogo over inflated ticket prices during national tour


August 16, 2019 12:37:45

The Hilltop Hoods have lashed out at controversial online ticket reseller Viagogo amid the group’s national tour, saying they have been copping harsh feedback from fans over inflated prices which are beyond their control.

Key points:

  • Hilltop Hoods tickets have been advertised online for up to $400 — way above the official price
  • The trio is currently touring the country to promote its latest album The Great Expanse
  • They also reflected on their transformations into family men

The acclaimed hip hop trio — comprising Matt Lambert “Suffa”, Daniel Smith “Pressure” and Barry Francis “DJ Debris” — is currently travelling the country for a series of gigs promoting The Great Expanse.

After a recent concert in Melbourne, the group will perform at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre tomorrow — in front of its second-ever sellout crowd at the venue — before heading to Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, and then onto California and Europe.

Known for not holding back in their lyrics, the group was also keen to make a statement during an interview with ABC Radio Adelaide about scalping, after noticing tickets were surfacing online for up to $400.

“Which is outrageous,” Smith said.

“I wouldn’t pay $400 to see us. [I’d pay] $90 like the price is meant to be.”

Earlier this year, the Federal Court found website Viagogo had engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct through claims it made about the scarcity of tickets, and in Google advertisements.

Viagogo has repeatedly defended itself against accusations from fans and musicians that it trades on consumer ignorance, and has said its website made it very clear that it was an online marketplace, not an official seller.

However, Google has since banned it from its top search results, and wanted to ensure music fans had faith in the legitimacy of their purchases.

“Don’t go to them, do not go to Viagogo … they’re the worst,” Smith said, during an otherwise laidback chat with ABC presenter Ali Clarke.

“What they do is, they’re not just a reseller — they buy up a lot of general admission tickets immediately when something goes on sale, and [that] doubles and triples the prices,” Lambert said.

“They set up like a Facebook event page and everything to appear to be the actual event page and I got shown this page and people on there were furious at us that we were selling tickets for $400 — but we’re not.”

From fame to fatherhood and not being cool

During the interview, the group’s members also reflected on their rise to fame as well as their changing lives from angry youths to dads who could appreciate the quiet life.

“Adelaide’s a great place to come home to, especially when you’re on the road it’s pretty hustle and bustle and nonstop,” Francis said.

“Adelaide’s a good spot, not to say it’s overly quiet, but there’s a lot of space here to relax and get away from the craziness.”

“Unless we’re lined up right next to each other in front of a poster that has our faces, we don’t get recognised that much,” Lambert added.

Lambert and Smith — both former Blackwood High School students — now have children of their own, and said the rewarding experience had given them fresh perspectives.

“It’s funny, they just make me laugh every day. I’ve got a two-year-old and a one-year-old,” Lambert said.

“My two-year-old [recently] had a barbie naked on the ground with all her other toys surrounding her, standing around barbie.

“I said, ‘what’s happening to barbie, darling?’ and she said ‘she’s dying’.”

The anecdote raised a laugh from father-of-four Smith, who joked he was still trying to appear “cool” in the eyes of his kids.

“I think I’m still just in the parameters of cool,” he said, but Lambert was having none of it.

“By saying the phrase ‘parameters of cool’ you’re now outside the parameters of cool,” he joked.

The ABC has reached out to Viagogo for comment.


















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