Hurricane Dorian looks surprisingly peaceful in incredible photos shot from within


September 02, 2019 20:10:29

Remarkable photos from within the eye of Hurricane Dorian offer a glimpse of tranquillity as fears of destruction increase in the United States.

The photo, posted on Twitter by US Air Force Lieutenant Garrett Black, shows perfectly blue sky and sun shining through a perfect ring of white cloud.

Hurricane Hunters — also known as the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, an official branch of the US Air Force Reserve — posted more photos from within the hurricane, this time at night.

The slow-moving hurricane is believed to be heading north towards the east coast of the US, with the Bahamas and eventually Florida said to be in a potential flight path.

In Florida, several counties have issued partial mandatory evacuation orders.

It has already made landfall in the Abaco Islands, in the Bahamas, with winds of 295kph and gusts of more than 350kph.

Dorian is the equal-second-strongest Atlantic hurricane on record.





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