Labor calls for royal commission into defence veteran suicide – politics live

The opposition leader, Anthony Albanese, says there have been more than 400 ‘senseless loss of life’ since 2001. Follow all the day’s politics – live

The Senate is back debating the medevac repeal bill. Liberal senator Sam McMahon is warning of doom and death if the medevac law is allowed to stand. She says medevac is a weakening of Australia’s sovereign borders.

Labor senator Catryna Bilyk says the government believes “we can’t protect our borders and be compassionate at the same time”.

Katy Gallagher, Labor senator, is on the warpath over the government’s refusal to provide the Morrison-Fuller transcript. She tells the Senate the government’s explanation that it’s not in the public interest to release the documents is “ridiculous”, when “we’ve got the prime minister calling his friend … who’s just announced they’re investigating one of his ministers”.

What are they hiding? Through this whole scandal with minister Taylor, the question I keep coming back to is: why aren’t they just informing the public?

Who is minister Taylor protecting?”

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