Man in custody after teenager killed at popular Gold Coast dog park


September 05, 2019 11:19:09

An 18-year-old man is in custody after the younger brother of a former Hells Angel bikie was stabbed to death in a popular Gold Coast dog park yesterday.

Harrison Geppert, 17, suffered critical injuries at Frascott Park in Varsity Lakes just after 5:30pm yesterday.

He was treated by paramedics but died at the scene.

Detective Acting Superintendent Brendan Smith said an 18-year-old known to Harrison surrendered himself to police overnight but had not been charged.

“I wouldn’t say he is cooperating,” Superintendent Smith said.

“He hasn’t really given us a version at this time.

“Information that has come from the investigation, is that there is probably a group of people that have been involved.

“Probably up to seven or eight males were involved in some sort of altercation in the street there.

“So we are keen for anyone who may have seen these people arrive, how they got there is unclear.”

Harrison’s brother Ben Geppert has spoken about his grief on social media, vowing to avenge the death.

Last month, the house neighbouring Mr Geppert’s former home was shot at, but no one was injured.

Mr Geppert, who appears to have the word “vendetta” tatooed on his face said Harrison was a “true Geppert”, a “soldier”.

“I wish I could of [sic] been there to help you I would of [sic] never let this happen,” he said.

“I won’t stop till I sort this Harry I promise you.

“I love you more than anything regardless of the things that have gone on in our family your [sic] still my blood and I promise I won’t rest till I have made this person pay!”

Despite Mr Geppert’s threat, Superintendent Smith is not concerned about a revenge attack.

“We’re confident that the seriousness of the event last night will sink home today and it is very unlikely that there will be any revenge or retaliation amongst that group,” he said.

“Obviously his brother is known to us, he is well known to the Gold Coast community.

“We have no concerns that he is going to take the law into his own hands and I mean, if he even thinks about it, there is going to be consequences.”

Superintendent Smith said there was no concern for safety for the wider community.

“It’s not like we have got people running around attacking people at random,” he said.

“So the people of the Gold Coast can be assured that it is safe to go to the dog parks and continue on with their daily lives.”

A crime scene has been established and a homicide investigation is underway, with an 18-year-old man detained overnight.

Police are also doorknocking neighbouring homes and appealing for witnesses, dashcam or CCTV.

Jerome Javier arrived at the dog park shortly after the stabbing.

“So there was someone against the fence and a small crowd around him,” he said.

“I just knew it was a teenager that got stabbed at that stage, and I think I stayed at the park until near the end.”

Mr Jarvier said it took another few minutes for police and ambulance crews to arrive, but knew when they started CPR it was a bad sign.

“It’s very scary, because I come here every day, morning and night,” he said.

“I usually walk my dog around the park at night because there’s no one else.

“I wouldn’t think this could happen during the day in a park where there’s maybe 30 kids playing, a hundred metres away from the scene.”







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