NRL grand final ‘six again’ call to form part of end-of-year review, ARL Commission chair Peter Beattie says


October 07, 2019 13:08:01

The NRL will hold an end-of-season review including the controversial “six again” decision that was the biggest talking point from the Sydney Roosters win over Canberra Raiders.

Key points:

  • The Canberra Raiders and their fans were left angry and frustrated with a big call that went against them in the NRL grand final
  • Shortly after referee Ben Cummins reversed a decision to give Canberra six more tackles in attack, the Sydney Roosters scored the winning try at the other end
  • ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie says Cummins was advised by officials of his mistaken call and that he had no option but to overturn it

However outgoing ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie has backed up post-match statements from the NRL’s head of football, Graham Annesley, saying the decision to order a handover to the Roosters was the right call.

Beattie told reporters that there was no option for referee Ben Cummins but to overturn a decision to give Canberra six more tackles.

With the score tied at 8-8, and Canberra in its attacking quarter looking to take the lead, Cummins clearly signalled a repeat set of six for the Raiders.

However, he overturned his call during live play without the Raiders players noticing, leading to a turnover.

The decision, taken inside the final 10 minutes of a dramatic grand final, caused a storm of controversy.

This was heightened by the fact that the Roosters took possession of the ball and immediately went downfield to score what proved to be the winning try, through James Tedesco.

The morning after the big game, which the Roosters won 14-8, Beattie praised the restraint of Raiders coach Ricky Stuart, who avoided making public criticism of Cummins in his post-match press conference.

“I thought Ricky congratulated the referees. He didn’t want to in any way diminish the win by the Roosters,” he said.

“That is really classy, frankly, so let’s say that at the beginning,” he added, going on to congratulate Trent Robinson and his side for their back-to-back premierships.

Beattie said Cummins had been made aware after his initial call that the ball had come off a Raiders player rather than Roosters full-back Tedesco.

“What happened, as you know, the referee indicated there was six tackles to go. The linesman and assistant referee indicated there was a mistake and he [Cummins] corrected it.

“He said four times there wasn’t a mistake.

“[There were] 83,000 people in a stadium with a lot of noise — I can understand why a lot of Raiders fans weren’t happy and were upset by what happened.

“The reality was a mistake was made, it was corrected.

“When you have the linesman and assistance referee giving you advice, what do you do? You can’t ignore it.

“This is the technology and advice the game has.”

Beattie said he understood the feelings of the Raiders and their fans but that it would have been just as bad if the wrong call was allowed to stand and Canberra had gone on to score from an error.

“I have a lot of sympathy. You know what happened. I got beaten up on Twitter and social media about this,” he said.

“I have been called all sorts of things. I didn’t know I was refereeing to be honest. There was controversy about it.

“If the mistake hadn’t been corrected, imagine how it had gone the other way, if the Raiders had scored and there was a mistake?

“The reality is this is — at the end of the year we do a review of all parts of the game and that will include refereeing.”

Beattie promised that the review would take the incidents from the grand final into consideration.

“Graham Annesley pointed out last night — he is as honest as the day is long — he looked at it and said the right decision was made,” Beattie said.

“Of course we don’t like what happened, but at the end of the day we have to find a way to move on, and the way to do it is to review it at the end of the year.”










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