NSW bushfires threatening properties as hot, windy conditions stoke flames


December 03, 2019 20:30:57

More than 100 fires are burning across NSW tonight, with warm and windy conditions seeing one blaze west of Gosford escalate, as an emergency situation continues at the Currowan fire on the South Coast.

Key points:

  • The Currowan bushfire between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla has spread towards the coast and remains at emergency level
  • An emergency alert has also been issued for a fire burning through the Yengo and Dharug National Parks, west of Gosford
  • The Leggetts Drive fire near Cessnock has been downgraded, as has a fire in near Cranebrook, near Penrith

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) said fire activity was increasing in the Yengo and Dharug National Parks and those in the surrounding areas of Mangrove Creek, Greengrove and Lower Mangrove should seek shelter because the fire was now at emergency level.

Elsewhere, the Currowan fire near Shoalhaven remains at emergency level, having spread quickly towards the coast this afternoon.

A tweet from the RFS shows the intense, smoky conditions firefighters are battling, including hugely limited visibility.

Residents at Kioloa, Pretty Beach, Pebbly Beach, Depot Beach, Durras North, Termeil and Flat Rock have also been told it is too late to leave and they should seek shelter.

Evacuation centres have also been set up for the surrounding areas at the Ulladulla Civic Centre and the Mackay Park Function Centre at Batemans Bay.

The bushfire, which has burnt almost 30,000 hectares, has closed the Princes Highway between Batemans Bay and Dolphin Point.

Earlier, residents around Pelaw Main, east of Cessnock, came under threat from a bushfire caused by a single-vehicle car crash on Leggetts Drive.

However the threat to properties has now been downgraded.

Fires burning near Cranebrook, north of Penrith, were also encroaching on properties earlier but an emergency warning has similarly been downgraded to watch and act.

Residents in the area of Smeeton Road, Londonderry and Cranebrook are now being told to monitor conditions.

For more emergency information listen to:

Ben Shepherd from the RFS said fires across the state had flared up this afternoon as it became hotter and the wind picked up.

“It is going to be an interesting 48 hours as we start to see some of the fires really spread through the landscape,” he said.












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