Pregnant woman ‘killed by dogs’ while walking her own dog in French forest

A pregnant woman has been killed by dogs while walking her own dog through a forest in northern France, investigators say.

Elisa Pilarski, 29, was found dead in the Retz forest outside the town of Villers-Cotterets on Saturday after calling her partner to say she was worried about the presence of some “threatening dogs”.

She had been walking her two-year-old staffy at the time and reportedly told him to “come quickly”, but by the time he reached her it was too late.

She was six months pregnant, according to local news reports.

A post-mortem showed Ms Pilarksi had been violently attacked by several dogs and died after losing too much blood.

“The cause of death is haemorrhage following several dog bites in the upper and lower limbs and on the head,” French prosecutor Frederic Trinh said.

Some of the bites were “post mortem”, he added.

A pack of hounds had been hunting deer in the forest that day, according to the local newspaper Courrier Picard.

But the French hunting association has said there is no evidence the hounds were involved in her death.

Police have now launched a manslaughter investigation and taken DNA samples from 93 dogs – including those that were involved in the hunt and those belonging to Ms Pilarksi – to determine which dogs were responsible.

Former actor Brigette Bardot, who is now an animal rights campaigner, said she was deeply shocked by the news and called for all hunting to be suspended.

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