Proof Macca’s Big Mac burger has gotten smaller

They admit it isn’t actual scientific proof but these radio hosts believe they’ve finally shown the Big Mac has gotten smaller.

The Collective Noun hosts had a listener track down a McDonald’s ad from the 1990s and came up with the perfect plan to compare sizes.

They’d track down the ad’s star, 90s country music icon James Blundell, and get him to recreate the shot.

The Hit Network hosts Zach Mander and Dom Fay found Mr Blundell at the Gympie Music Muster but realised there was no McDonald’s in the town so had to travel 40 minutes to get one.

“I haven’t had a Big Mac in 20 years, if I order one today will it be the same one I had 20 years ago?,” Fander asks in the drive-through.

“Possibly. I wasn’t alive 20 years ago so I’m not sure,” chuckles the attendant.

When they finally get to Blundell they sit down to give him the burger.

“It was a proper handful, it was a big handful,” he recounts of the ad.

Comparing images back in the studio, the new Big Mac does look considerably smaller than the old one.

But the hosts admit it was cold by the time they got it to Blundell.

“It’s irrefutable,” they joke at the end of the video they shared about the discovery.

Whether Big Macs have shrunk has been a subject of internet debate for years. McDonald’s has previously insisted the size has not changed from 1968 when the first burger was made.

In May this year McDonald’s assured customers its burgers were “better than ever” after shaking up the way they cook and serve their classics.

The fast-food chain announced all patties cooked in McDonald’s Australia would be seared for precisely 40 seconds to ensure the meat was the “juiciest patty our customers have ever had”.

Restaurants now also cook onions on the same grill as the meat to add flavour, serve cheese “perfectly” melted and add an extra squeeze of special sauce to their famous Big Macs.

McDonald’s Australia vice-president Sharon Paz told the shake-up would ensure the taste was better than ever.

“We’ve undertaken extensive research, testing and trials as we’ve developed our new restaurant processes and are confident our customers will agree our burgers taste better than ever before,” Ms Paz said.

Do you think the Big Mac has gotten smaller? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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