Sydney stabbing suspect released from hospital and expected to face charges today


August 16, 2019 14:37:02

A man accused of fatally stabbing a woman and seriously injuring another in Sydney’s CBD has been released from hospital and is expected to be charged over the attacks today.

Mert Ney, 20, was discharged from Prince Alfred Hospital, where he underwent surgery on his lower leg, and taken to Surry Hills police station after midday.

NSW Police it was expected Mr Ney would be charged later today.

Mr Ney is accused of killing 24-year-old Michaela Dunn with a kitchen knife, before stabbing Linda Bo, 41, as she was walking in the CBD.

Passers-by who witness the attack against Ms Bo gave chase, apprehending Mr Ney and pinning him down using cafe chairs and a milk crate until police arrived.

Ms Bo was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in a stable condition, while the body of Ms Dunn was later found in a Clarence Street unit.

Police have since confirmed that Mr Ney had visited Ms Dunn for sexual services on the afternoon of the attack.

Mr Ney had also been previously treated for mental-health problems, presenting himself just days before the incident at Blacktown Hospital but checked himself out after six hours.







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