The characters you’ve killed off

There are two characters in Game of Thrones that fans are convinced you won’t be seeing again after Monday.

Things are looking anything but joyful for the lustful Euron Greyjoy and Eddison Tollett, with predictions running two to one and three to one respectively that they won’t make it through to the end credits of Episode Two.

The data has emerged from early picks in round two of the GoT Challenge, which thousands of people are playing each week across Australia in a bid to win prizes including a $10,000 Iron Throne.

While speculation is rampant about who will be slain and when, Euron and Eddison are the only two characters with more people predicting they will die, rather than live, in this second episode.

Other fascinating feedback has Arya Stark as favourite to stay alive for at least one more show; and equal numbers of players convinced that Jon or Cersei will be on Iron Throne by 12 noon AEST, when episode two ends.

And the scheming Tyrion’s chances of ending up on the throne are starting to slip — with readers’ feelings echoing Sansa’s quip to him that: “I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.”

Those who reckon he’ll finish the week in pole position have diminished by a stunning 20 per cent.

The GoT Challenge is fun, free and easy to play — and it’s not to late to make your own play for the throne (plus test your Westeros general knowledge in the weekly quiz section).

Join in at — and remember to watch Game of Thrones Season Eight, only on Foxtel.

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