Tracy Grimshaw rips Gold Logie 2019 winner

A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw has ripped into Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson, dubbing his performance “hilarious” in a monologue dripping with barely concealed sarcasm.

“The newly minted Gold Logie winner advised us all last night to lighten up. How light did he want it?” Grimshaw asked on her show on Monday, after the controversial campaign and speech from Gleeson.

“Julia Morris was wearing Costa’s beard, Pete Helliar was wearing a Logie. We were celebrating achievement in an industry whose main purpose is to entertain, and also happens to employ thousands of Australians — an industry the Gold Logie winner smugly told us last night was “dying”.

“We all waited for him to change pace and close his speech with some grace, but no chance.” “Hilarious,” she said.

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The down-the-barrel address followed a segment about last night’s Logie Awards in which several annoyed celebrities criticised Gleeson’s campaign which was based on political-style attack ads targeting fellow nominees.

Grimshaw said Gleeson’s win “has taken some of the shine off the coveted Gold Logie, capped by a speech that not surprisingly, went too far.”

Speaking with ACA from the red carpet, Karl Stefanovic said Gleeson had “gone too far”.

“I think he’s an absolute, 24-carat gold tosser,” Stefanovic said.

Hamish Blake joked to A Current Affair Gleeson was “the Aussie battler ripping off your Logie votes,” in the package produced in ACA’s signature style.

Several viewers commented on the look Amanda Keller had on her face watching the speech, saying it was “priceless” and she looked “pissed”.

On Sunday night, Tom Gleeson told those annoyed with his controversial campaign for the top gong to “lighten the f**k up.”

He admitted he had been “drinking heavily” before launching into an eight minute speech, referencing the fact his campaign had annoyed his fellow nominees.

“Just because all of you want it and I’ve got it, don’t get angry with me. It’s all right, you’ll all survive. It’s a shame this is the last Gold Logie that’s ever going to be handed out — according to Grant Denyer, I’ve ruined the Logies. But at least I won this all by myself,” he said.

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“Turns out I’m just really good at manipulating the media into doing things for me. Which, if you think about it, is why we’re all here.

“There’s been a lot of concern that I’m turning this award into a joke. This award has done a lot of great things for a lot of different people. In the past it has represented trying to get more diversity on the screen or launching charities and that’s fantastic. But for me it represents a joke, but I love jokes. I really enjoy them. I really think we should all lighten the f**k up.”

Viewers were divided on the “subversive” campaign, with some saying it damaged the credibility of the television industry’s top honour. Others said the level of trolling and sarcasm Gleeson had brought to the stage should be taken to the Oscars.

On Monday, Gleeson himself admitted even his wife thought he should have quit while he was ahead.

“I was talking to my wife after the speech, and she said there was a great moment right in the middle when you said that there is one thing that the Logie can stand for and that is just taking the piss, enjoying yourself and everyone should lighten up,” Gleeson told Today.

“She said, ‘You really had the room there, and it would have been great if you finished then’ … she was right I should have finished then.”

“If I never say the word Logie in our house again she will be very happy,” he said.

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