Victorian man allegedly raped and held woman captive in four-day ordeal


April 03, 2019 09:26:05

A Victorian man accused of repeatedly raping and bashing a woman he held captive during a four-day ordeal allegedly asked the victim if she wanted to die.

Key points:

  • The pair had been on several dates before the alleged attack at a house north-west of Melbourne
  • The man has been charged with three counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment
  • A court summary said the ordeal ended when the woman’s friends contacted the man

Robert Wilson met the 39-year-old victim online about two months ago and they had gone on several dates, court documents show.

Mr Wilson picked up the Vietnamese woman from her job and drove her to his Darley property, north-west of Melbourne last Monday.

As soon as they were inside the house, the 32-year-old allegedly began to punch the woman in the head, stomp on her stomach and slam her into the floor.

Mr Wilson dragged her into the bedroom where he raped her and continued to beat her when she resisted, according to the remand summary.

“The victim begged him to stop as it was so painful,” the summary said.

It was alleged that at one point he started to strangle her, demanding money and asking the victim “do you want to die”.

The woman relented and Mr Wilson allegedly transferred $3,000 from her bank account into his own.

Wilson told the woman if she disobeyed he would “turn her into a money-making machine and charge men to sleep with her”, according to the summary.

Victoria Police said the woman was threatened with a number of weapons during her alleged imprisonment, including a crossbow.

The alleged ordeal lasted until the woman’s friends contacted Mr Wilson on March 28, and he let her go the next day.

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Mr Wilson did not front the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday because he did not plan on making a bail application, his lawyer said.

“He is content to stay downstairs,” she told the court.

Mr Wilson has been charged with three counts of rape, one count each of false imprisonment, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury and theft.

He was remanded to appear at a filing hearing on April 5.








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