Window cleaners rescued from swinging scaffold atop 50-storey skyscraper


May 16, 2019 08:06:20

Two window washers in Oklahoma City have been rescued by emergency crews after the lift they were working in started swinging out of control near the top of the city’s tallest building.

Key points:

  • The two men were stranded in the lift for under an hour before being pulled to safety
  • Paramedics evaluated the men but they both refused to be treated
  • The 50-floor Devon Tower is 259 metres high

Video from the scene shows the scaffold, tethered to a crane, banging against the building.

Several windows of the building were broken as the scaffold swung around.

The two men were stranded outside the 259-metre skyscraper for under an hour before being pulled to safety.

Locals were asked to avoid the area around the 50-floor Devon Tower as the situation unfolded.

Firefighters secured the scaffold with ropes as it dangled from a crane between 6 and 9 metres above the roof.

Paramedics evaluated the men and both refused to be treated.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Fire department spokesman Benny Fulkerson told Oklahoma television station KOCO that the two men were “tethered in” to the lift when the crane was swinging.

“It appears as though it went as smoothly as it probably possibly could have in a situation like this, due to the timeframe by which we know that they were actually rescued,” he said.

The tower houses the corporate offices of Oklahoma City-based energy company Devon Energy Corp.





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